WTB Berghia Nudibranchs


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Looking for some Berghia Nudibranchs for sale. Want to try localy before trying out one of the websites. If any has any to sell please give me a PM. Thanks



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I'd be in for a group buy if we can keep it small and local enough to be convenient. Who has a resellers license and wants to organize it? ;)


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Don't know if a wholesalers license is gonna help much... The best source for these guys seem to be retailers and private breeders... We got them from a breeder last time and paid $10 a piece and free shipping since we ordered over 60 of them... I have a couple in my sump munching on aiptasia and trying to get them to breed for the last couple months now... but I have yet to see any babies... :( although from time to time I see some dried up white specks just above the waterline that I believe are baby nudis that were dried up as the water level in my sump lowered (haven't gotten my ATO set up on this tank yet). I will post as soon as I see babies...

Have you guys tried peppermint shrimp? IME Peppermint shrimp are much more effecient! Only time I would recommend berghia nudis are when you have triggers or wrasses that make quick meals of the shrimp. Otherwise peppermint shrimp seem to do the job MUCH quicker! In fact, I just picked two up to clean up my 12g of about 15 aiptasia or so on monday... (yesterday) and tonight I checked the tank and I don't see a single aiptasia!

Just my opinion...


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Those nudis worked for me, but I think they died off by now, only because three aiptasias showed up in the last week. I never had success with peppermints, but I am willing to try again.


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I saw a CL posting with someone selling Berghia Nudibranchs. I think they were $10??? It's not there anymore though....


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i can arrange a group purchase from a place that can get them... as many as we want.... but we will need to pay some extra money for the shipping and freight.

if it will make sense the quantity... i can take care of it no problem.
let me know guys....