wtb clown fish/reef safe fish

Are you looking for particular sizing? Just curious. I have for trade:

Yellow Coris Wrasse
Small blue tang
Three Green/Blue Chromis
3x Purple Queen Anthias (great magenta)

let me know if these interest you... Need some more space... and good luck in your search!
While your tank is new and not populated you have a great opportunity to research exacly what you want.

The Pocket Expert series of books are great, I think they are in the club library although I think they are worth the $30 or so each.

Marine Fishes or Reef Aquarium Fishes by Scott Michael. These books show pictures and give great advice on care and survivability of just about anything you will see in a LFS.

Marine Invertabrates by Ron Shimeck does the same for inverts. This one has excellent information on anemones and again, just about anything you are going to see in a LFS.

Having these books available when you are considering a new animal will help prevent impuse buys and spending money on something that has no chance of surviving. I have saved far more than the cost of all the books I bought just by following the advice in them.