WTB cube tank


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Well my plan to set up a 120gal reef was vetoed by the old lady. It will be a planted tank with discus, according to her. :wildone: My next option is a moderate upgrade from my 18" cube to a 24"-30" cube. Does anyone have a cube within that range that they're looking to unload? I just need the tank and stand. And preferably at a good price as now I will be having to split my reef budget in half to accomodate a planted tank budget as well. I have some dried live rock that I could trade in the deal too.



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I have an Oceanic 37G cube-ish tank set. needs some TLC, mainly sand the stand and apply a fresh coat of whatever color of choice. I built a false back to convert it to all in one but you can remove it; the tank I took it down a while ago. Tank has minor scratches I believe.
Tank, stand and unfinished canopy for $150.
And yes, in San Francisco too.


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I have an acrylic 2x2x2 with steel stand that needs skinned. No major scratches on the tank. Tank is drill and has bulkheads and nozzles/screens. One bulkhead will probably need to be replaced. No overflow box but two of the bulkheads are for overflow. $75