WTB: Cured live rock


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Hey all,

My new waterbox 50.3 should be here in the next week or so. I am excited to upgrade from my 28g. I would like to set up the new 50g and get it cycled and ready so that I can transfer over my livestock from the 28g. I am not going to be keeping much of the rock from the 28g, as I want to eliminate the amount of encrusted kenya tree, brown polyps, and aiptasia that I deal with on a weekly basis now.

Basically this is a fresh start, but I want established cured live rock to minimalize a cycle and make the transition for my livestock as smooth as possible. I worry about going through an entire cycle process and adding my livestock at once.

So if anyone has or knows of any good quality pest free cured live rock, please post it here!

I know Caribbean Blue Aquatics in Bay Shore has a large vat of live rock. Not sure if this is considered cured. Anyone know? Price?



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Thanks, spoke with that person a couple weeks ago actually. Most pieces are too large for the 50.3, and it’s more like base rock.


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I'll be breaking down my 125 soon. I've pulled a lot of rock already and have about 150lbs of cleaned rock but there is about 50+ pounds in the tank still. I can hook you up if you still need. Tank is pest free. Haven't added anything new in about 2 years.