WTB: Easier SPS....


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Hello all my tank has been running for about a year now and seems stable to me.. I have a birdsnest frag from maynor and somethign else from acgreen.. Just looking for some other beginner sps.. Looking for different colours.. The tank is a 16" tall 30ish cubish with a single 150w mh.. Anything that would do Ok with my lighting threshold..

Would prefer san francisco to east bay area..



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If you are interested, I can give you a decent sized frag of my Orange Monti Cap... I am clearing space for other SPS coming in to my tank soon. But you would have to come to Pacifica ( 5 mins from Dalycity and 15-20 from SF )


ac green

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I have also am clearing room out, have a few different montis - purple with purple polyps, yellow with blue polyps, and and a green and yellowish confusa.

I am in oakland next to the Lake.