WTB Garf Bonsai


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you got it Warren...still trying to find the sweet spot for it to get that rich purple color and growth. I had it high and it encrusted, but did nothing for many months...midway same with alittle better color..now I moved it down lower.....any tips would be appreciated.


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Hey Mike - I have heard some people that swear by keeping it lower to maintain the deep purple color, then I have also heard other people who keep it high to keep the purple color. I think in the end it depends on the individual tank. I think you just have to move it around until you find it's sweet spot.


Mine has been at the top since day one. Started as a frag. This colony is 10" across & 2-3" deep. Trunk is huge!




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Mike, I have a frag and for about 4 months it has only grown at the base. Now I have about 10 tips growing from the base about 1/2" each. I have it up high under 14 T5 bulbs and it has good color.


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good to hear...mine had a set back..my fragers(one of my triggers) knocked it over into my Aussie torch...hopefully it recovers.


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I have mine midway slightly deeper in the rockwork, low flow, slow growing (under 250W mogul MH 20K Radiums) but deep purple. I had it since mid Dec 2010, its about an 1.5" with two branches.