WTB: Good size Percula


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Hi All,

I am very sad to say that one of my Percula died this week. Water parameters are good... I don't know what happened. I was just about ready to move the pair to my big tank. I would like to find another good sized Perc to put with my single. If you have one you would be willing to part with, let me know.



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I really don't think you should add another adult perc with the one you have now, unless you are sure you can sex it & are prepared to seperate, as they still may fight.


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seachel71...sorry to hear about this. How long have you owned the clown...and how long was he with the previous owner? It may have just been an old fish and died of natural causes.

Regarding the addition of a new clown, I would have to agree with Pufferpunk, that adding another large, older adult may cause problems. I believe that the most prudent action would be to purchase an relatively young, immature male from a breeder or LFS and add him to the tank.

Thus the clown that remains in your tank will either remain as the dominant female...or assume the female role if that remaining clown is a mature male.

Personally speaking, I had a large, adult clown for about 6-7 months...and decided that I would like to have a pair. I purchased two young clowns from an Sailfin and added them to the tank. The goal was that having two new clowns would help to distribute any potential aggression.

Fortunately, in my single experience, I did not observe any hostility or chasing whatsoever. The three got along "swimmingly"...and all three hung out together.


After several weeks I noticed that one of the two new clowns seemed to spend more time with my original clown. I subsequently removed the other clown and gave him to my friend.

Good luck...


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Vitaly and Puffer.......The clowns were with their previous owner (W2) many years. I cannot remember exactly how long. The one that is left is the less dominant of the two. He seems a little lost. He was always with the other one and now seems 'lonely'. I was hoping to find one in a similar condition. The fish is about 4 inches long. They were by far the biggest clowns I had ever seen when I got them. I don't know if this clown will 'bond' to a baby or if then I will just have 2 'lonely' clowns. I understand your point about to adults not doing well together. I am just unsure how is the best way to help my sad little fella.

Bill ... I'm awfully sorry. I know that it must make you as sad as me that we lost one. I have had quite a good cry. I didnt do anything any different than I always do and everything else in the tank is fine. I'm so sorry.

Continued suggestions or someone with a smaller perc... let me know. I really don't want to go the LFS route as I don't want to have to QT as this one seems lonely and needs a friend soon.

Thanks everybody. This is the first fish I've lost since I first set up my tank. Pretty sad for me.


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"The one that is left is the less dominant of the two."

So this is the smaller of the pair? That would suggest that he is a mature (reproductive) male. From what I have read, clowns that are raised alone will develop into mature females, in the absence of other clowns.

If you plan to introduce a new clown than you really need to either:
<LI>Introduce a new, young juvenile from an LFS that will be an immature, male.
<LI>Introduce a clown from a breeder, or fellow hobbyist, that has many clowns in a single tank. The idea being that in the tank there will be a mature/reproductive female and male...and the rest will be a harem of immature males.

I would worry that buying a single clownfish, which would most likely be a female, from a fellow hobbyist may lead to conflicts with your current clownfish.


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i had a single clown for many years, after about 2 years, he turned into she, added a juvenile, no problem's, they get along just fine.

diffrent pair.
clown pair, lost the female, replaced with another juvenile, no problems. get along just fine.

get a juvie, shouldn't be any problems.