WTB Leathers & large softies


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If anyone coming to the auction is selling leathers, photo gorgonians, or other large softy colonies let me know. I don't want to commit to buying everything for sale but will buy quite a few. The only off limit is Kenya Tree, still need to control the tank somewhat and that stuff has a mind of its own..... Thanks!!


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i have this i could frag the middle piece out of for like $5 it hasnt been growing super fast but i do have that whole big piece. it has almost a green shine to it

ALSO Andy, i had told you about a really funky mushroom i got, i had 2 and one didapeared, but the thing has a bright green base with blue fuz and pink/white tips. heres the best photo i could get maybe you recognize it?


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Yeah, put me down for the leather. I think I have one similar but even different shades are nice to have sometimes.

As for the shroom, I see what you mean about the color and polyp extension being different. I cannot say I know what that one is. However if you are ever in a position to sell/trade one let me know I would be in for sure!

See you tomorrow.