WTB led hanger


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What about bent emt conduit? You can bend it at Home Depot. Then paint it to match.

+1 Thats how I did mine if you want to check out my build thread for my 80. Real simple to do and conduit is only a few bucks for a 10ft length.


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I got a 1x3 about 6 feet long and a 1x2 about 6 feet long, made them into a T shape so they would be nice and rigid... (used the 3" wide piece against the back of the stand and screwed it into place) Then I used a bicycle hanger with the 2 arms that stick out about 12", and I put 2 cables on one side of the LED and 2 on the other, and put a large keyring at the top, then hung it off that. I had painted it flat black, gives it a real finished look. Pretty proud of how simple it was, but how nice it came out.


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hey not sho if you found what u was looking for. but I just saw on CL some one has a hanging kit for the $50.