WTB Live Stock - fish, coral, and clams


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going to split this up between clams, fish, and coral; this is a bare bottom 120.

Clams: if you have one for sale pm.


Anthias: BiColor/ Sunset / Yellowspot

Gobies: Clown/Panda/Pink bar/Green banded/ Five Lined Goby/Golden Goby

Tangs:Achilles; White Cheek Tang; Kole; Lieutenant

Wrasse: Dragon and Yellow-Tailed Coris, leopard, Tamarin Wrasse yellow or red tail

Clownish: Black and White (zero orange)


Softies - zoas; chili coral; mushrooms (no bounce)
LPS: Elegance, torches, scolys,
SPS: mostly looking for mini colonies, looking for some hardy acros. Oregon tort?
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UPDATED Coral buy list:

Softies: Zoas, Mushrooms, Chili, Yumas
LPS: Scolys, Hammers, Torches, Lobos, Acans
SPS: Bubblegum monster, Pocillopora, Chalice, Echinata, Monti

What else? help me pick some coral - got something more specific in mind?
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