WTB: LS and LR in SFV


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I'm trying to set up a 6 gallon nano. Anyone got about 6 lbs of live sand and live rock available for cheap? I can pick up in the SFV area and I go to Alhambra on the weekends...so I can pick up in SGV on the weekends. Thanks!
I have some LR you can pick up at my house. Been in my 10 gal mantis tank for a while. Leme know if you wanna come buy and get some or meet up where we did last time.

Isn't your Mantis gonna get lonely w/o the rocks?? j/k I wish I could take the Mantis off your hands, but I got enough headaches as it is.
Thanks joesynodontis...i think freddog is trying to get rid of 150lbs at once...thanks anyways!

Justin...thanks for the rocks man!!!
Yea...I'll be back for some xenias when I get this thing up and going. I'm sure everybody knows, but I'll say this again.....give Justin a PM if you want some xenias (he's got some other cool frags in his frag tank too)...he got crazy xenias in his tank!!