WTB: PC ballast and suckets


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sockets..sorry but, it going to be anything that can run 2x 32/28 watts bulbs, Panasonic (Square pin),it has to be the waterproof one. i have to fit this in a hood about 18-20" hood.
1x ballast running 2x bulbs(perfer) or 2x ballasts 2x bulbs.
also a reflector.
it going in my 5.5 gallon nano. i am trying to be at 10-13 watts per galloons.

LMK what you have i am not in a rush.


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:eek1: suckets

Reminded me of some girls from high school that were called the "suckettes". No further details needed. :lol:


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i have a workhorse 5.. it powers up to 128 watts of any type of flourescent bulb(VHO, T5, T5HO, PC)..