wtb: pc light


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with my recent upgrade in tanks to the 45 cube i took the 4 lights of my tank at home so now my maroon has a crappy light and i feel bad for him soooo...

24 inches or 20 inch power compact 1 bulb or 2 doesn't matters its fowlr...

prefer to keep it under $45 seeing that i can buy a new 65watt for $60




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Hamilton 195 w PC w/ballast.extra long cords

its has 3 bulbs they are 65watts each. it runs with 2 cords 1- auto switch {actnic} and 2 bulbs with fans and a switch if needed..so you can run on 2 timers..
1- 12.000k
1 -actnic
1 10,000k
there is no cover glass..
i have spare bulbs also not sure how they are so i replaced them ,the ones in unit maybe 2 months old.
has a monster ballast

dimensions: 22"x9.50" x4"