WTB - Sump, Skimmer, Maybe a Tank...


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Hi All,

I'm in the process of building a new set up! I am currently looking for a sump and skimmer that will handle at least a 100 gallon display tank. I'm looking for items that are in good condition and promote a quiet tank.

Also, though I have looked at all of the tanks that are currently available on multiple reef forums and classified websites, if you have something that hasn't been posted yet please let me know. My preferred tanks are either rimless, or 36 inch wide setups (I can go a couple ways with my design goals...).

Let me know!



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I am going to be having a 65 oceanic tank setup for sale in about 2-4 weeks if you wanted to wait? Its full right now but once everything is moved, I will have it all cleaned out and posted.


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Hey All,

After much thought and consideration I've decided to build my own tank to the specs I'd like, instead of purchasing one used. That is, however, you have a 48 x 20 x 16, in which case let me know!