WTB: Tunze 6025


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Hey guys,

As the title says...

I am looking for a Tunze 6025 for my nano at work.

If used, I would like something not too old.



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They run at 8w, how will they raise the temps alot ????

Ive never noticed a temp increase in any of my QT tanks, hospital tanks, or my brother and sister in laws tanks when using one... :confused:


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i bought ladypyg's 12 gal. nano and she had one in there and the temp was 86 when i picked it up.
maybe not a lot but it seemed like that contributed to it a little.
now it just runs on a maxi 1200 w/ the stock pcs and stays around 80 when the lights are on.
you have 6025's in all those tanks you listed?


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I did at one time or another.... I dont have them anymore since I sold all the extra stuff.....

Never noticed any temp issues because of the 6025. Was the one you were using modded or was it stock ???

We have 2 modded ones in my sister in laws 90g right now as well, granted its FAR from a nano, but the only thing that they have temp issues with is the T3 external pump, those things HEAT some water.... too bad since theyre so quiet and small, otherwise they would be the perfect pump.