WTB zoos


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Shrimpin are you going to the PROP auction on Saturday? There will be zoos on the auction. What kind are you looking for?


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im looking for anything, i want to start a garden in my 12 gallon.
And no I cant go to the meet I have to work.


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I can frag you off some zoos I was going to take some to the auction but decided not to go. Just email me and let me know. See ya.


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Hey Shrimpin,

I have a frag of alpha/omega zoa's that you can have. They basically rock :) As of right now it's a single polyp that abandoned ship from the place I had several attached to, but it seems to be doing fine. If you're interested it's yours.


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I looked at the frag in question when I got home tonight, it appears as if it is sprouting one or two new polyps.