WTH!? We have Great Whites in South Florida now?


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They've been spotted in the keys before. Nothing new. That said, very rare down here. Jaws 4: The Revenge, LOL!

For the record, I'd soil my wetsuit if that was me.....


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dude that's creapy he literally circled him lots of times out lf curiousity. I dont think a spear gun would have done anything to a shark like this lol.


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There was a juvenile hanging around Spiegel Grove last fall. Didn't get to see it myself, but someone had some great GoPro footage of it hanging around the mooring ball lines just a little bit above the wreck.


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I hear of one being caught by fisherman about once a year. Crazier is that someone caught a goblin shark in the gulf not too long ago.


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Big bodied sharks in FL are not a new thing. I would bet we see more and more activity from whites over the next few years. I would love to see one in person.

Side note: The last thing you want to do is start poking at it and swimming around in an aggressive fashion (as seen in the video). Stay calm, stay low and don't start pointing towards them - all of that can be taken as aggression from the shark, which will only cause problems for you as a diver. You aren't going to be carrying anything big enough to kill it, only make it upset with you when chances are it would leave you alone.


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it was definitely looking to get a taste of him its good he poked it. that vid was bethel shoals i fish there...
i always worry about barracuda seeing a flash from the mask and hitting me..
i see a lot more of them than sharks
she was off the coast 20 miles last week . but has moved a little south.
its been all over the news here


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The shark wasn't making any aggressive action toward the diver in this video. All I see is the diver following it trying to get more video.
A better visual deterant for a big shark is to hold the spear gun (or anything long) length wise (perpendicular to the direction of the shark's swimming) and move it up and down. Sharks will pick up on that easier than what would look like a tiny dot (the tip of the spear gun). When presented with a larger object, they will turn away sooner at times like this when they are not feeding.
Also, position your body vertically in the water. Laying flat and facing the shark makes you look small. You need to become something "big" that the shark will assume is too much work to go after.


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The moron should not having been following that shark. Chasing the shark was stupid. It would have been hilarious ,and served him right, if that thing would have taken a bite out him.


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If you can see an approaching shark and push its' nose away or poke it in the nose, eye, or gill area, you can maybe avoid a full on attack. I've seen a bit of footage of people diving with great whites (other species too), and the idea is to keep your eyes on them and push their snouts away when they get too close. Sharks feel things with their mouths. That's all it takes to create a nasty wound and perhaps even start a feeding frenzy.

On another note, both shark and diver appeared aggressive in the video. He was definitely following it and likely provoked it at some point, and the shark kept coming back trying to sneak up on him. He was smart to poke it at that point, or to put it into a transcendental shark trance depending on his training.