WTS 55G with stand...


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and extras...

As some of you know I've been dabbling with the idea of switching to my 20g for the time being due to my living situation and other personal reasons...

I'm currently looking to sell the following as a whole for around $325 or best offer...

55g Tank (Trim has a few scratches, none on the glass as far as I can tell)
Stand (3 sectioned stand :-( cabinet on left, adjustable shelving in the middle, and cabinet on the right)

20-25lbs of Live Rock
20-25lbs of Live Sand
Maxi-Jet 1200 with Sure Flow 2100gph Mod
Maxi-Jet 400
I have 3 or 4 heaters ranging from 100-300 watts, I think I have 2 or 3 300 watt.
Modded AquaClear 110 into a Fuge.
Normal 24" strip lights, nothing fancy, just normal freshwater lights, ok for fish only with live rock.

I will post some older pictures of the tank/stand here in a little bit...

Feel free contact me via cell phone call or text 330-327-1946, or email me at benmgier@gmail.com or shoot me a PM on here.

I am not too fond of answering my phone to numbers that I do not know, so PLEASE, if you call and I do not answer, leave a voice mail and I get back to you as soon as possible.


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Here are a few pictures, sorry they're so dark, this is when I was first setting the tank up so no, this isn't all of the live rock lol.






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i have a 20gal trying up upgrade to a 55 maybe we can work out a deal??? how much are you looking to sale it for


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I was hoping to get 325$ out of all of it... but it IS also or best offer... and right now, no one has shown any interest...

I did however modify the stand since this posting... It can now fit a 20g in the center compartment... I don't plan on selling it unless the price is right.... I have plenty of Live Rock for it now and also, I got to thinking, if I want to setup my 90g later, that would involve buying more live rock if I don't keep my current setup...

Give me some details on your 20g though... What all comes with it, is it drilled? Stuff like that, you know the drill lol.