WTS: a lot. Tanks, halides, ozone, sump etc.


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Hey all, I have not been on in a while as life keeps tossing curve balls, and due to them I'm re-listing several things.

1. Red Sea Aquazone Deluxe 200mg with 2x 1400ml dryers, ORP probe (no promises on what life is left) and power adapter. Awesome ozone setup with these massive dryers. $400

2. QuietOne 4000 Pump, used 1 yr, love this pump but won't fit in the small return section of my new sump, box and all accessories included. $40

3. Acrylic wet/dry sump, decent size, roughly 28x12x15 , fit perfect under our 72 bow, comes with bioballs, eggcrate, filter tray, and the sponge if I can find it. No bulkhead because the one on my 90 cracked one night and needed to scavenge it heh. I removed the bioballs and ran it with a sock. $50 obo

4. Coralife Aqualight Pro 48" 2x 150w DE Halides and 2x 96w PC Actinics. Used for 1 year, 1 year old ballasts from Coralife, 1 year old legs, 3 month old XM 20k's, and 8 month old Current Dual Actinics, however they were only ran 2 hours a day for sunrise/sunset, halide cords have been extended to mount more remotely. $300. Also have 2 Coralife 10k bulbs of unkonwn age and 2x Phoenix bulbs of unknown age that will be included.

5. Oceanic Hex tank. I believe it is a 60g but I will get measurements to be double sure, tank is at my mothers. Perfect condition, tank only, $100

6. 46g Bowfronts, I have 2, 1 perfect shape, 1 pretty good, come with glass hood and FW strip light. $60 each obo

7. 72g Bowfront, our first tank, and stand, loved this tank, couple minor scratches, not drilled. Center brace is broken, which is why I have the 90g now, I paid a lot for it, so I'm unsure what to ask for it, I planned to replace the frame then sell it, or eurobrace it and sell it, but with money being tight I'll put it up and see what happens. $250

Pics of everything available, I have other things as well, if you need it just ask, I may have it lol.

PM or text 727-207-0198.

Thanks Y'all.