WTS Mag 7 and Mag 12 Pumps


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I have one of each. I don't need these anymore. The Mag 7 was my old return pump from my sump under my 75 to the DT. The Mag 12 oddly enough was inherited by me and it was only used to pump water from a RO Container (Brute trash can) to the Salt water mixing can. Since I am running all off an external pump in my basement now I am looking to just buy a spare used pump to have in case my 100PX-X dies. The Mag 12 I JUST replaced the impeller in it a couple weeks ago.

I will include the attached ball valves if you need them for a few bucks extra. I am open to offers but I think the Mag 12 should go for $70 (since I JUST replaced the impeller) and the Mag 7 should go for $40.


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