WTT: Large Long Tentacle Anemone for Gigantae/ Hidonni


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I currently have a pretty good sized Long Tentacle Anemone Purple colored, and he is a pain in my ***, My lighting is excellent, but it likes to move around alot, get in annoying locations, and from time to time, it will just let go and float around like a damn jellyfish. It is about the size of a baseball and opens up pretty large. I have seen alot of people posting about S.Gigantae/ haddoni's and I want one. Does anyone have on they would be willing to trade? Attached are two photos


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Just an FYI, if you current anemone is moving, something is off -- and the chances are good that a different species will move too.


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I have a rock anemone that is sticking just fine, it did some minor movements over the first week or two, but hasnt moved in months. This anemone finds a good spot, firmly plants its foot and doesnt move for a long time, and then all the sudden it will be somewhere completely different. Cant figure it out, reminds me of my kids, cant stay still.