WTT LED lights


I have 3 Ecoxotic 100W 12k LED Cannons that I want to trade for 1 Kessil A360X Tuna Blue preferably with wifi dongle AND Spectral controller.

Here are two videos comparing the two over my Elos 160XL tank.

3X Kessil A360

1X Ecoxotic 100W Cannon

These lights are beasts and put out a ton of light, just too bulky for my taste since I don't use a canopy. Each light comes with it's own Meanwell PLN-100-36 power supply. These drivers are not dimmable, but dimmable drivers are available if you wanted to go that route. I don't have all the brackets but these can be easily hung with some basic hardware.

You can see 1 ecoxotic is as bright if not brighter than 3 of the Kessils. Just not as much spread obviously. I need a 4th kessil for more light... I guess what I gain in small size I sacrifice in par output. Anyway, lmk if you have any other questions.