WTT: My 400w MH Setup for you 250w setup...


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I have this 400w MH setup that I don't really need the output of. I have yet to have success with SPS and if I do so in the future it will only be a few pieces and I'll keep them at the very top.

So heres the deal, I am thinking someone has a 250w setup that they would be willing to trade for this. Or, if you just have the ballast and same reflector, maybe we'll just swap ballast...

I have:
Luminarc Reflector (see pic I am pretty sure thats what it is)
PFO 400w Ballast
Bulb is about 10 months

I would be willing to trade for a DE unit if I like it. T5 setup? possibly. Maybe you have a calcium reactor as well... ;)

I am going out of town this weekend to visit my grandfather in the hospital. I'll try to log on while away but no guarantees.

Located in San Clemente.





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I did a similar "downgrade" recently; dual 400 to dual 250. I ended up just buying a new dual ballast and bulbs, selling the others. I have noticed virtually no difference, except less heat and cost.

Is the cat included?