WTT: Sea Sweep and Tunze 6095 for Vortech

Mark SF

New member
I have a very lightly used Sea Sweep Deluxe (perimeter tanks, i.e. Euro braced) with a mated Tunze 6095 Nano-Stream. These are at best a few months old. I absolutely love this set-up but because of my 3.5" Euro brace it protrudes too far into my tiny 75G tank...

I was tired of looking at it, and frankly didn't want to drill my Euro brace with the tank fully functional. Yet, for random flow it doesn't get much better than this combination.

I would like to propose a trade for a Vortech MP40WES or 2x MP10WES.

For reference, the Deluxe is $300.00 and the Tunze is around $275.00. I do have the controller available as well if you wanted to throw some extra cash in on the deal.

Let me know what you've got!