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ok ..I guess I can go ahead & post now .I have a coral farm in the works.It will probably be june before I actualy open for business though.

I AM JUST A HOBBYIST but will be trying to offer everything that everyone else offers in time

I will eventualy have a 20x48 ft greenhouse complete but as of now I just have a 180 gal ,135 gal & 2 300 gal Rubbermaid stock tanks...but I can hold ALOT of corals in just them

my main tank is lit by a 1000watt 20k on a hydroponic light mover

I'll also offer these 1000watt bulbs for $119.00 ..they've been my personal favorite

I'll be offering captive raised frags & captive acclimated frags & even just unmounted frags from newly imported corals.

also newly imported wild corals

whatever the customer wants in thier price range

I want to be able to offer corals that you see before you buy so I chose to use a program that lets me instantly edit my site with new pics.I'll add about 15 more pages in time

though I wont post any coral pics till I officaly open keep a eye out for my offical opening day for great deals



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what do ya have ?

I just added 5 more acros to my 180 from Walt Smith & 4 more clams today plus all them from Dean last week

I'll probably add 50-60 or so more large acros over the next few months & plan to stock as many as it will hold over then next several months I'd love to get about 150-200 ultra acros for my personal 180 gal system which is what I'll trade from

to bad the 2 nicest & biggest acros from Walt RTN'd during shipping

I got them from Brads store & I'll get the next batch of ultras that he gets when he orders agin also...so shot me pics of what ya got & I'll shot you some


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Strike any thoughts of trading with you.
After learning about how you buy mostly wild corals I can not in good conscience do any type of business with someone who would contribute to the wanton destruction of the coral reefs when there are so many captive raised corals available.

A most repugnant and vile act to willfully do so as your norm and not rarity.

With that in mind I can only hope that other's will read this and noone will purchase anything from you.


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ok sean...but how do you think all the rest of the large farms got started

like tropicorium.

fwiw I plan to sell ORA captive frags.not ones I lable as my own

reread my first post(Im not trying to hide nothin)

I also stated I'd be selling wild not trying to be shady about it.

what do you think of all the board sponsors that sell wild corals?(oh...it have to be the same you made that clear)

btw I plan to sponsor the board when I can afford to
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I personally, as I hope everyone here would, only buy corals that are listed as captive-raised.
I realize that an onlie retailer may very well lie about it.

However, if the website offers wild frags for sale I will not buy from them at all. Not their wild, not their captive raised, not their drygoods.
I will not have my money knowingly contribute to the destruction of the Reef.


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if you think about it this is not just a frag board it is Reef Central

dedicated to marine hobbyist's

everyone has their opinions but this board needs all the sponsors it can get to keep this info up


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seant ..you are out of line especially since you are part of team RC. I only like capitive rasied corals as well. But how do you think these farms get started. Just by having a reef tank you contribute to the problem. At one point or another some of your fish and coral were ripped out of the ocean. Just because it may have been a few generations ago makes you no better. He is trying to raise and sell both. You gotta start somewhere. You need to relax. Just don't buy from him if thats the case. We don't need the lecture. If you got a problem go talk to walt smith...i think they may even be a sponser here. Maybe you shouldn't be moderating these forms with such bias opinions
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eddie said:
everyone has their opinions
That is correct. And I am just stating mine.
imbuggin said:
seant ..you are out of line especially since you are part of team RC.
I see it differently. I feel obligated to inform other members of this board who feel to act in a responsible manner that eddie is a proponent of wild corals, and allow them to form their own opinions from there.
imbuggin said:
Just by having a reef tank you contribute to the problem.
Sadly, you are correct here. However, that doesn't mean I have "be damned" attitude about it.
imbuggin said:
Just don't buy from him if thats the case. We don't need the lecture.
I will not buy from him. I gave no lecture, I freely stated my points.
Or are you saying that I don't have the right to state my opinion?

imbuggin said:
Maybe you shouldn't be moderating these forms with such bias opinions
Whoa. I am not a moderator. Member's who are part of Team RC are not moderators.


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so seant..in say 2-3 years what are you going to call his corals and frags...are they still wild??? Plus eddie was clear about where they came from never hid anything. SO where do you buy your dry goods if they can have no affiliation with wild colonies. Ie anyone who does business with walt smith??? When do the wild become aquacutured??? 1 year 2 ..3 .?? You are lashing out for no reason.


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Hey SeanT,

I understand where you are coming from, and I totally respect your opinion about purchasing captive-raised corals. However, I think it's unfair to bash Eddie because he plans to sell wild corals in addition to ORA corals. Eddie has obviously spent a lot of his love, time, money and effort into building his business from the ground up. And he stated he plans to sell a variety of captive raised and wild corals. Honestly, how many retailers 5-10 years ago even offered captive-raised corals? The transition to all captive raised corals will be slow. And it is very hard to compete with others when everyone else offer wild corals for lower prices. In the end, this is still a business. Eddie needs to put food on his table and feed his family as well, so I will wish his business to be a successful venture. And I hope he will move towards more captive raised corals in the future.

The reality of this is that if ORA captive raised corals are cheaper than wild caught, and have the same size and quality, the hobbyiest will move to the captive raised by themselves. I applaud SeanT for taking his stance, but everyone will just have to decide for themselves. I really have no problem with SeanT stating his opinions, in fact he has a very valid point, but I think it's in the interest of both parties to just start their own threads to champion their views.

Jim :)


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There's a mighty wind a blowin, right out of Wilmington, NC.
You are indeed entitled to your opinion, you have so many, about so many things, just a real blessing that you share them so freely and so often....blah..blah..blah


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thanks guys...ALOT...I just acclimated 16 sea dwelling acros ...ALL are alive and healthy looking.

seant only responded in a personal crusade(vendeta) because of a recent thread on the NC FRAG board.he called me several PROFANE words then come to this thread and contridicted himself unless he never read my first post to start.

he also has done this bashing to others on this board & actualy he's the only one I've seen so VULGAR on the NC frag group.

others have already told him the same here at rc recent

but I dont worry about him


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to clarify also I feel Im preparing to help support the hobby 10 years or so from now when it may be aginst the law to import.

also fwiw one guy on the nc frag group told sean to settle it like a man...he did not appericate all his profanity in his work email LOL


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OK since you decided to bring in the NC Frag group emails then they are open game.
Here are the highlights:
chop-shopped corals having short lives because they were wild
stock propagated is not what I've seen in many's high end tanks.

I'll be adding 10 ultra mediums & 6 1st grade larges all wild
acroporas tomarro to my collection. I'll try to pick out a few of
these & some others I'll order soon & take growth pics over 1 year of about 10 or more wild frags & we'll see. I'll be adding as many sps to my 180 as it will hold & most will be wild broodstock.
Annonymous NC Frag Member - I have not contacted him to use his name so I will not give it.
You reply so vehemently about this, yet you belong to this trade
group. Why? It seems more like you prefer the instant gratification of cramming your tank full of full-sized wilds. What benefit do you hope to gain from belonging to this trade group?

The purposes of this group are to reduce the need to do this, yet
you flaunt it in our faces that you are uninterested in this.
Perhaps you should look for your fulfillment elsewhere.
eddiefirst off when I joined the group a long time ago I did not knowthat it was TOTALY aginst wild collection Im also interested in trading frags though thats why I joined.
flaunting....I guess after I keep these corals 1-2 years & have
major frags they wont be good enough for trading.
Im just replying to what I feel is misinformation about wild
collected stock.
Annonymous NC Frag MemberI do feel that you are too aggressive in your views about this. You apparently don't understand why this group exists. Several times you've gone on about cramming your tank as full as you can with wild-collected colonies. It shows that you
do not have a great understanding of what is best for the organisms we are keeping. There is no argument or doubt that captive-raised frags fare much better than wild colonies, because they are able to grow into the conditions present in t he new environment. Perhaps you like having a system that looks like the display tank at the LFS where all of the heads are already grown. If you knew what you were looking at, you would realize that those colonies are obviously just placed there, and have not grown into place. To the experienced eye, there is quite a difference.

Your statement that wilds are just as well-suited for home aquaria is patently false. Out of any large wild shipment, a percentage of colonies will be lost. This is not due to poor conditions in the end aquarium, as you stated. It's due to collection and shipping stressors. Also, with wild colonies, you increase the risks of disease. It is obvious that you have never had anything like this happen. I, for one, have been around long enough to see people lose entire established systems of wild acroporas (in the range of over 400 gallons worth of display) because of one bad head in a large shipment they were receiving, much like you are bragging about getting today. Have it your way, but at some point, you will learn a hard lesson. Perhaps you won't lose any in your tank or out of this shipment, but I can guarantee you that several corals have died out of that assortment you are receiving, at some point along the chain of custody from the collector to you .
This group exists to reduce that mortality rate. You are,
quite simply, the reason legislation is being attempted to shut this practice down. We all need to do our part to reduce these pressures, and make people realize that this hobby can be self-supporting.

eddieall the nicest tanks Iââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢ve seen were packed. my wife perfers a nice
display in our dinning room not a rock pile with a bunch of frags
waiting to grow out thats why Im filing it over about 3 months.I know captive frags have already been through the acclimation curve thats why they start to grow
faster Iââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢ve seen this & dont debate it but after wild colonies acclimate under my 1000 watt 20k they all seem to grow just as fast
IMO.thats all I was responding to THE SHORT LIVED misiformation imo

Annonymous NC Frags MemberEddie, you just put your finger on it. We all want to have a nice
display in our Tank. I doubt anyone cares for watching a bunch of
rocks with tiny frags in it. And all our wives want colors, fish and
all the pretty things that need time to be added to a tank until it's
mature. We all want more $$ too but we don't go rob a bank.
So what do you think would happen if we would all start to buy wild corals to satisfy our impatient wishes? Think about the number of people in this area buying wild corals, then NC then think bigger , the entire country (all those people on RC, and all those people who are not on RC), and the rest of the world. What would be the impact to the wild reef?
There are two ways to enjoy this hobby, the quick fix way (buy a tank
fully stocked and ready to display, usually from wild caught Live
stock from LFS/online), and the more educated way that takes time to
preserve the depletion of wild corals and promote the propagation of
these undangered corals. I believe the mission of this group is to
support the later one.
Unless your intent is to protect/preserve these colonies and create a
new captive colony (which is what I think you tried to say but it did
not come accross clearly) there is a philosophical/ethical issue about
supporting wild coral dissemination by buying them. I am sure you are
familiar with this problem covering the two biggest reefs in the
world. These reefs are being abused and some very rare species are
threatened to disappear if we support more of the wild collection and
I think this group is really interested in captive propagation and
trading and not in the quick fix. If you have seen Wade's tank you
understand what I mean, all of his corals came from frags that he
traded, and he has quite an amazing display. I wish I could have the
same in my leaving room, but realistically it will take years to get
to that point. I joined the group because I support protecting wild
corals. This group has many people with much more experience than me
who can definitely help me avoid many of the mistakes they already
made. I think with this group we have a powerful oportunity to
educate newcomers and uneducated people and explain the importance of
supporting captive coral propagation and stop depleting the ocean more
than we have already done.
I don't think anyone wants you in or out. I think you need to decide if the philosophy of this group is in harmony with yours. If it is so then there should not be any problem or issue and you know what people are interested to talk about. It is up to you to think honestly about it, see where you stand and if this group will be a good place for you to carry this message to newcomers and help them avoid some of the mistakes you have learned.

eddie actual out of 7 large walt smith a few weeks ago 2 rtn'd in shipping I am aware of this the rest are stll fine

Annonymous NC Frag MemberThis is what I refer to, though. Of your shipment of 7, 2 died in shipping. Frags and captives fare much better in shipping.

So, in your shipment, you had a 28% loss ratio. Imagine this as each step of the custody chain, and you can see where the problem arises. Do you understand what I am intending here? Suppose out of each shipping process, 28% is lost. A coral is shipped at least three times before it makes it to you. That adds up to a lot of dead corals over time.

I understand what you are saying about your wife wanting a stocked tank, however, this is not a quick hobby. It often takes 2-3 years for a tank to mature. My tank is still at least 2 years away from maturity. And thatââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s with over 80 corals at this time. If you want instant gratification, youââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢re in the wrong hobby.

I would suggest that if you want a well-stocked tank, you look into the in-situ cultured corals that are available, even from Walt. These have reduced the pressures on wild collection, so youââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢re at least doing a bit to sustain wild populations, and are receiving healthier livestock for it.

IMO, losing 2 corals out of a shipment like that doesnââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t support your theory that your corals are all growing well, and that wilds are just as hardy as captives or frags. There should be no reason for these corals to die in shipping, if it is done right. Captives or frags would most-likely have survived. Wilds are much more likely to turn into RTN soup.

The reason this group exists is to allow hobbyists, especially those new to the hobby, to trade information and livestock. IMO, you are giving new hobbyists false information, in that it is just as good an option to cram your tank full of wild-harvested corals as it is to trade corals which are better-suited to life in captivity. Itââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s simply not the case.
eddie I actually seen with my own eyes airport runways made from coral & live rock & 1000nds of jeties.until you see this you dont realize where the true destuction is.

to the point it removes natural protection from storms that kills people.

thats all Im saying.the meger sps addicted population is not even a small dent compared to this.IMO

eddie as I mentioned before I am a collector who really cares nothin about others opinions.
I Idolize Dick Perrin the true founding father.

I just happen to be able to afford what I want to a degree.

Then here is where I responded
SeanT And now you know why I think you are an a*****e.
Have a great weekend.


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imbuggin said:
You are lashing out for no reason.
I don't see it as lashing out, I see it as stating my opinion.
And as sullyman said I have a lot of them and I will never stop voicing them. Read them or not. Disagree with them or not. They are mine and will be voiced until it is illegal to do so.

Sullyman said:
There's a mighty wind a blowin, right out of Wilmington, NC.
Thanks for adding something intelligent itno the conversation.
GOOD JOB! :thumbsup:
eddie said:
to clarify also I feel Im preparing to help support the hobby 10 years or so from now when it may be aginst the law to import.
W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R-! Your SOLE purpose is trying to make money.
You aren't trying to support anything but YOUR greed.

eddie said:
also fwiw one guy on the nc frag group told sean to settle it like a man...he did not appericate all his profanity in his work email LOL
Are you implying that you want this to come to a rousing round of fisticuffs? ;)


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seant as I stated before. I preffer auacultured corals(most of mine are). You still neglected to answer my questions. Since you have soo many opinions, I would like yours. When does something become aquacultured? how many years? If you break a frag and grow it, it is still a frag from a wild coral and the same generation. so someone else pulled the original out..big deal in my opinion you are still just as guilty. Point is if you are like me and have a coral reef in your living room you are part of the problem no matter where they came from. They don't belong where they are! Get off your high horse. You contribute to the reef destruction as well. If you feel so strong you should not have a tank. I donate to various organizations that protect coral reefs and I am not ignorant enough to think that my sps obsession doesn't contribute to the desruction even why I buy captive grown corals. It is all a matter of degrees. You got live rock in your tank? Live sand? what about all the electricity you burn to keep your captives alive? Well that comes from oil and deep sea drilling. WE ARE ALL GUILTY NO MATTER WHAT.


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I hear what you are saying.
I have no definitive answer to your question of when a coral is considered captive raised.
However, I can tell you when it is NOT captive raised. And that is when it is cut straight from the reef.