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So what's the lowdown on Xenia filtration. I saw the thread on the guy who cut his 55 in half to use as an Xenia filtration tank. He said it was part of a five stage filter. Hmmm....

Anyone have a good link to read. I broke my foot and have nothing but time before I get the new tank up and running. I have a few types of Xenia in a tank, as well as I'm getting a tank from a guy over-run with Xenia. Might as well put it to use as I have the room and I love this stuff.

That sounds funny to me. All the cool stuff I have and I like Xenia.

Also is there a certain type to use? I have two types of pulsing and some woods.

Thanks guys and gals! - Joey :rollface:
Imo you would have to have a ton if it to maybe see a diff...the same theory about putting aiptasia in overflows and sumps because they eat leftover food ditoms,fish waste.. but the thing was is how do you keep them only were you want them. They can get back into the tank from both places
It's basically the same concept as growing macroalgae to reduce nutrients except you're growing coral. There are people that just grow xenia in their refugium along with macroalgae. I suppose it's good to have diversity when filtering your tank, but there's always the chance that the xenia could spread to the main tank and get out of control.
pretty in depth article discussing how xenia is better nutrient exporter then caulerpa.
Not quite. It shows that Xenia is better than Caulerpa at exporting some things, but worse for others, on a per-weight basis. That's the important part. You may remove 2 times as much undesirable stuff per g of Xenia, but if Caulerpa grows twice as fast, it's a wash. Although Xenia is very fast-growing, Caulerpa is much faster.

Still, the important thing is that both are removing different things at different rates. Multiple forms of export is the best plan.
I am working on getting Dictyota out of my tank and have been trying different export methods for nutrients.

Would it be safe to put Caulerpa in my sumpless 55 gallon? I have Xenia growing on the glass, so I don't have to worry about it spreading onto my rock.

I have a mixed reef, everything is very healthy, I just can not shake this algae. It seems that even starving it from nutrients does not help that much. I tried chaeto and it only trapped detritus.
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I would never put caulerpa in a display tank. You will never, get it out again.

I personally use Xenia and Cheato in my sump/ fuge for
nutrient exportation. I think it works great. None has spread to my Display and its been there for 4 months now.

On a side not caulerpa
should be banned, its a noxious saltwater weed.
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Nah, I've seen tangs and rabbit fish eat literally pounds of calerpa in just days. Now if you have a tank too small for a tang, there could be some problems....:(
You can make a search for "xenia bed" filter, GARF has drawings and photos. Reef Monkeys forum had excellent thread from first-hand experiences of the different keepers, with photos, but it is now for members only, and I'm not.
It also frequently named "xenia fuge".
Mine didn't work, too low flow and low K light.