Xenia for sale!


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Ok I need to clear out my frag tank and I have a decent amount of Xenia ready.

The kind I have is the flesh colored Pom Pom Xenia. I can pretty much put it in the microwave and nuke it and put it back in my tank and it doesn't die. So if you want some hardy Xenia to try this is it!

I will either trade for other frags or sell it for $5 a head.

I currently have have:
5 each 1 head frags $5 each
4 each 2 head frags $10 each
4 each 3 head frags $15 each
2 each 10 head rocks $30 each

Pick up only.


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here is a pic...



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I bought new lighting back in, oh I don't know, December maybe? When it gets installed I'll take you up on your offer. :) I'll try to get them installed this week maybe.