XM Bulbs??


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I am currently running Radium 20ks and need new bulbs. DFS has XMs on sale. Just wondering about experiences...what do you think? :)

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I personally do not like XM 20K bulbs, they are a wierd purple. My choice is DE Phoenix 14K or SE Radium 20k


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I used them in the past and just ordered 2 this week. In the past I had magnetic ballasts and do not remember any purple. Now I have electronic and hope I like the color.

m-six hundred

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Compare them side by side with a phx 14k, IMO they are not any bluer they are more purple. I had an XM 20k on my tank for two days and went back to PHX 14k. Just my 2¢


I have been using the PlusRite 20k bulbs for over 2 years , and love the color, nice blue to them. At less then $13.50 a bulb I change the out every 6 month, just my 2 cents.