XR30W Gen 3 - Natural Mode Depth resets to Zero.


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I have a pair of Radion XR30w G3, controlled via ReefLink and ecosmartlive.com.

I'm running the lights in Natural Mode (Shallow Reef), and I set the Depth to 12 ft and the Brightness to 40%. I also added a night point. I saved this program to the lights and logged out of ecosmartlive.com. When I log back in, I see the depth is set to zero. I tried this several times with the same result. Whatever I put in for the Depth is reset to zero when I log back into ecosmartlive.com.

Any ideas?



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I asked the same question several weeks ago, got a response that the engineers were looking into it, then nothing. I've noted the same issue.


Alex Y EcoTech

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Are you using Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser? If not, I would highly recommend doing so and clearing your browsers cache.


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Hi Alex,
I'm using Google Chrome. I tried clearing the cache, both before reprogramming the lights and then before logging back into ecosmartlive.com. Same results; the depth gets reset to zero.

Additional Info: The first time I log into ecosmartlive.com after reprogramming the lights, I see the correct depth setting at first. After the "Loading Devices" message clears, the depth is set to zero.