Ya Ya Coral not polyping out?


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I just got a "advanced series" 150w MH HQI 20k that a LFS sold me for a 100 because the mount to clip on the back of the tank was broken. I put L brackets on the wall so the light could hang ovr the tank. I read somewhere that this light could not be ovr open water, but had to be ovr a tank with a top. Is that true?


Could it be that if that is true that is why my Ya Ya coral is not polyping out.. If not than any ideas whats wrong?



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what lighting was it previously under?? you could have really shocked it with a lot of light.. did you acclimate it the more intense with eggcrate, or screen?? it looks really stressed right now as the light is too much..i'd look into some eggcrate..
Looks like stress from the lighting to me. If there is no UV shield turn it off now and get a shiled before you use it again. If there is a shield you need to put some screen over the top of the tank to slowly acclimate.

Isn't it a Frogspawn?


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a uv shield on the light or for the top of my tank?

and ya the LFS said it was a mix bred frogspawn, but it looks more like a ya ya IMO


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All DE metal halide bulbs need a uv glass shield of some kind. Most of the time its in the fixture directly under the bulb. If there is not one, they put out enough uv to kill corals.


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Most any glass will work as a UV shield, that is probably why they told you the tank needs a top. You definitely need it if you don't have it. A piece of glass on the bottom of the fixture is probably what I would do. The stray UV rays might not be all that good for your eyes either.


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THis is EASYE123 under my brothers name... but at local LFS's i saw something that looked like what i had and it was called a YAYA coral. WHen i bought it though they said it was some kind of frogspawn.

I put a glass top over my tank and its lookin better alreayd.. ill post some pics soon