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Metal Man 1221

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Seems a little far fetched making claims that 10,000 dives under her belt is what saved her life. Any open water diver should be able to recover their regulator on their first dive. Even if it was damaged, that is what an octo is for.

My dive instructor was an ex navy diver, and would pull our regs without warning. Other than telling us he would do things such as turn our tanks off, pull regs, disconnect BC straps, etc. it was mostly spontaneous. It was to get us to expect the unexpected.

That being said, it doesn't justify what the other diver did.
They had to have been collecting something. But really? You're already on camera, what is that really going to do?


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Not cool man. I hate the idea of fish and coral being taken from reefs, but I guess in order to start this hobby, they had to come from somewhere.


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I am fine with legal regulated collection. Illegal collection bothers me. It's too bad there is no way to really know how our fish were collected.