Yasha Gobies not coming out, maybe too late.


So i had a small tank with a great rock and two yashas and their paired randall shrimp. Finally got around to getting a new tank where I placed the rock (after acclimating, of course) into the new system and added my clowns from another tank in there. This was about 5 days ago, and I have not seen them since. They have not come out of the rock since I grabbed it from the old tank. Stayed inside during acclimation as well. I havent seen the pistol shrimp but I have heard it pop the other day(I think). They always came out when I turned off the pumps to feed them, but no dice in the new tank. Do these fish have some semblence of self preservation? Will hunger drive them out? Are they scared of the presence of clownfish? Or is it too late and they are just decomposing inside the rock.. Any suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated. Took me a while to get a successful pair going and placing the rock with the clowns in a new tank has been an idea long in the making.


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