Yellow clown goby


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Hey all, I have a yellow clown goby that was just put into my tank last Sunday. At first he hid for a few day around Thursday he started adventuring out and hanging out on some live rock. Unfortunately I have not seen him eat anything. Tried cyclpeeeze, flake and some pellets no luck. He is looking at it but does not take the plunge. I have to hold off on the feeding for a few days due to me trying so much but has anybody have the same issues? Any ideas suggestions?
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I got one a few weeks ago. He won't touch pellets but comes out for small amts of rods food. Fish go crazy for it. Yellow clown eats it too. Such a cute fish.


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I have one that went days, I think nearly a week before I saw it eat. at first it would only pick copepods off, then took to brine shrimp. good luck


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My green one will not touch flake food. He will only eat frozen stuff like mysis blood worms or marine mixes. If im running late sometimes ill throw in a few flakes and he will not touch them

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I have not seen him eat anything. Tried cyclpeeeze, flake and some pellets no luck.
That's because clown gobies, like many fish will not eat that. I have been keeping them for many years and have a breeding pair now. They spawned 4 times this month but I feed them pieces of clam and live blackworms and liv whiteworms.

The eggs are in between the fish.

New born clown gobi, 2 days ago.

You can see them eating worms in this video.


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The first one I had would eat small pellets or frozen mysis but this wasn't an every day thing for him. The second one I had wouldn't touch any of the foods I offered but he sure loved eating my sps. He didn't last long in the tank before I evicted him.


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Mine was like that initially but now loves pellets. It is in a Pico on my desk and begs alot! I gently crush a small pellet and it works great! Now it will occasionally eat Rods but much of it is too big. Cyclopeez was a huge mess in such a small tank. They eat from or near the surface. You might add some baby brines or pods to get over the hump.