yellow mimic tang


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anyone have this tang in their reef tank? can you give me the scoop on your experiences??


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Please help this person. I have posted with the same question, and I don't hear from anyone. Does anyone have adult pictures as well?


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I have one and he is great no problems at all.


Kahuna Tuna

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These are just great fish, one of the very best Acanthurus. They are very hardy, one of the more peaceful species, and I really like the look of both the juvies and the adults. I am presently keeping a juvenile Herald's mimic (thats the solid yellow one) and it is just starting to transform to an adult. Here he is with my doli rabbitfish, his buddy.



Dogmatic Dinosaur
One of my favorites. They seem like an acquired taste because some people don't even notice mine. I have a full adult now with the bluish fins and orange high-lighted tail. It is not agressive and is a good tankmate.

I don't have any pics - sorry.