Yellow Tang >>> Biocube 29


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I've done alot fo research about putting yellow tang or blue tang in my biocube 29.

Some people say its ok, and some people completely disagree... just wanna know what you guys think?


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My vote is no. A full grown yellow looks kind of cramped in my 90 and I would never consider putting it in anything smaller.


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+1 on the vote for no. I have a 150 gal. and sometimes wonder if it's too small for the tangs I keep.


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Absolutely not.

If you are interested in a herbivore for a smaller tank look at the Centropyge Angels. A cherub or afrian flameback should be fine in your size tank.


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+1 NO!!! tangs are a free swimming ocean fish and not a reef hugger, they need LOTS of free swimming room even when small, most people are of the opinion that you shouldn't put a tang in a tank less than 6' long

in a 29 it would stress out and die very quickly


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This must be a joke because nowhere would have said it was ok to do this. I say take the opportunity to buy a much larger tank, you'll be glad you did in the end.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=15450960#post15450960 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by VacavilleFC3S

in a 29 it would stress out and die very quickly

Back before I knew better, I had a sailfin tang in a 29g for 7 years. It never eluded to being "underspaced" and was one of the most beautiful sailfins I have seen to this day. He died do to a very poor house sitter when I left for 2 weeks. He and 3 other fish died do to overfeeding.

I would equate it to keeping a horse in your back yard. Its not gonna die but its not right.

...and here I have a hippo in my 50:eek1:

Another vote for no tho.