Yellow Tang - Fin Rot? Pics


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What the hell is this!?!? I came home from work to see my YT with fins torn up and a white film fungus on the ratty edges. What ever this disease is it was brought into my tank by 2 new manderin fish. One manderin has died and when I got it out of the tank it was covered in this white, almost firm cottage cheese on its fins. the other manderin is doing fine now after a light battle with this disease. I have been reefing for almost 6 years now and this is the first bout of illness that i have come across.



Hattie B


From the last pic it looks like you have a case of Lymphocyctis virus.

Look for that and see if that is the case.

good water quality and good food should help clear it up.

If it is fin rot, look for an antibotic like maracyn-2.


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Bump - I have this exact problem right now. It is only on my 2 tangs. One is a sailfin and one is a yellow. I have had these fish for about 3-4 years now and am very nervous I may lose them.

General thoughts - treat with meds or wait it out? They are eating great but swimming very strange and their colors have turned pale.