yellow tang losing color


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i have a 4''yellow tang that is losing the yellow and turning pinkish tan except for one bright yellow stripe that runs the length on his body.Anyone have any ideas on what it is and/or how to fix it?
test for ammonia.

do a large proper water change ASAP and review filtration in the aquarium. This relatively common problem can be fixed.
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i did a water change 4 days ago and all levels are at 0.
was the Tang turning pink 4 days ago...
what about testing levels right now?

what is your water's S.G. and how do you measure it?

what is the water's temp?

how long have you had this fish?


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do you feed the tang veggies/nori?? my tang would start to loose its color if i stoped feeding it veggies/nori. just a thought


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all i feed him is formula 2 marine pellets and green seaweed,but now he isnt eating at all. also spotted some redish colored places around his mouth. dont know what to do help please! any ideas would be appreciated.


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Mine did that and I found out that my phosphates were high and my test kit was bad. I did about a 20% water change, a 15% the next day and a 10% for a few days after ward and she got better.


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How stocked is your tank and what are you feeding them with. Alot of times fish lose color due to lack of nutrients in there diet. Is your fish getting plenty to eat? Have you changed your food or supplimets?