Yellow Watchman Goby injured...


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Before going to bed last night- I checked on the tank- I saw the goby sticking his head out from behind the burried nitrex box in the gravel.

I also noticed the emerald crab sitting close to the hole. I grabbed the net and shoe'd him back to the rocks. I woke up this morning, and the crab was in between the glass and the nitrex box (where the goby made his home)

Great.... i said- goby is gone. Then I looked up and saw him starring at me from on top of a rock. I was excited that he survived.

So I checked him out- and it looks like he was injured in the fight. Seems like 1/4 of his lower jaw was snapped off. He is still trying to eat. Ill see if I can grab a picture to show you. It may be he has an infection in his jaw or something that is causing his mouth to look that way- but to me, it looks like he is missing part of his jaw.

I moved my mag float really close to the gravel- just far enough away to make a shelter for him to hide in. He was using it within 2 min of me moving it.

I dosed the tank with primafix and melafix and turned off the skimmer and left the steralizer going for now.

Should I shut it off as well?


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Poor little guy- I took away his home from him so the emerald crab couldnt get him again. He has since made behind a maxijet his home.

He is still interested in food, and still has his color- I feel so bad for him. You can literally see his jaw bone where it was snapped off.

Would the humane be to destroy him? Or just let nature take its course?

When he gets out into the open- the yellow tail damsel gives him a hard time. Im going to drain the tank this weekend and capture the remaining 3 damsels (yellow tail, and (2) 4 stripe damsels and bring them to the pet shop for someone else to use as beginner fish.


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Dont forget to bring the crab back to lfs..

I don't know what I would do in this situation can he eat? Or is his mouth gone..


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Hes gone :(

He will be stressed out and get infected from the picking. The infection can start at the mouth and/or a possible chance of Ick on it if ick has been present in your tank before.


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Hes still in the tank- Dont know where. I have checked all of his major hiding places- no where to be seen. No body either. Im sure he will show up one way or another in the next few days.

It looks like the very tip of his jaw (maybe 1/4 of it) is missing.