Yet another 180 lighting question


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I have four 24inch Current lights on my 180. It's obviously not enough light.

Can I add 3 24-inch t-5 fixtures?

I do not have a Kessil budget, so those are out, and I'm hearing not-great things about the new Hydras.

There is no ceiling or canopy to mount the lights. I'd need something that mounts to the tank or something that I can buy a bracket to hang it. My first choice was Viparspectras, but there is no way to suspend them that is not from the ceiling.

Budget is $6-700. I'm only growing softies and easy corals.


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BRS has a good YouTube video explaining why several XR15s are better than 2 XR30s, plus cheaper, over a 4' 120g. I'm sure the math would transfer to a 6' tank too, but I'm sure they're more expensive than the requisite number of Kessil lights. Basically, it blows your budget.

Any decent 6 bulb T5 fixture will be a good way to go. Go 6', or break it up. As long as it looks good over your tank and isn't much more than 6" short on each side, you should be good to go.