Your first/most interesting diving experience.


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I'm thinking of going diving (hopefully in Bora Bora this summer) and was just wondering what your first experience was like. Obviously for those of you have have been diving :p.

Any pictures you have from diving trips would be awesome too.


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Well, perhaps this will whet your appetite . . . :D


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Ok now that is just freakin' awesome. And seeing as how anthias are my favorite fish this could not be a bigger tease :p. Thanks though Steve, 'preciate the pics.

Any words to add about how it's like diving?


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My first dive was in a rock quarry. I found a bathtub and a ford mustang. When I surfaced, there was a full diaper floating infront of me!!

Luckily, my dives have gotten better since!


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My first training dive was in a quarry pit on the east side of Joliet Illinois. The place where I took my lessons ( years ago ) uses this quarry for training, but its a dirty hole. There was a rusty school bus, a old ambulance & I think there were even some remains of some gang bangers.......LOL

As Creade said, all the dives went up hill from there. Grand Cayman was cool.

I have a few friends that live in Tasmania Australia. My wife & I are planning on a trip there late this year. We are working on a dive to the Great Barrier Reef.
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2 scary moments for me:

1. We jump off the boat in the bahamas, mask up, look down and we're in the middle of about 50 black tipped reef sharks that are darting all around.

2. In Turks and Caicos (you can see about 120' in that water) I'm getting a pic of a 3' blue reef lobster when a 4' shark comes through my legs from the backside as I take the pic. Didn't get the lobster but a blurred gray pic!!!


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My first dive was in the pool at NAU. I couldn't stop giggling from breathing underwater and staring at bubbles shooting up. Ran through an entire tank in like 30 minutes. :)


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u know my first was in my very own tank. it was great! i saw corals from all over the world. so i keep going and going. LOL

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This is in Hawaii one of my favorite dives ever. it is at 100 ft on a sandy plain. I want to use it as my Avitar but can not get it to size right.

The pilot ran out of gas


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Wow awesome pic. Not so awesome for the pilot that was in there (hopefully he was able to eject).

A quick question for the diver's out there, how "hard" is it diving?

I know it becomes second nature after you've been on "3300 dives" (Steve) but when first starting out. Is it easy to maneuver?


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10 ft bull shark eating something a few feet away from me when I was spear fishing(free diveing). The thing was wider then a big couch, scared me to death.


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I was diving in Hawaii and was down about 100ft and it all of a sudden got dark, I looked up and there was a whale shark above us, the sucker was HUGE!

Same trip but the second dive we noticed this submarine coming towards us, it turned out to be a hunchback whale. The feeling of their sonar going through your body is indescribable.


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First trip - Key Largo

Nothing like swimming in a murky mangrove lagoon next to a 7 foot tarpon to scare the bejeebus out of you.