Zoa pest?

Nano Chris

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So I bought 2 sets of zoas a few months ago was the first corals I added to my tank. They were open but they started to get to the point they wouldn't open all the way. Some not. I've moved em around thinking maybe it was to bright or they weren't happy & nothing. I tested & the perimeters are fine (I test weekly) so I took the zoas out & dipped them with coral rx & shook em off in a container & I seen a couple of these (in the pic) Haven't seen any on my torch I added about 2 weeks ago. I seen these little tiny things that look like snails crawling on my zoas so I think they may be tiny snails. I thought maybe they were irritating the zoas is why I dipped & to see if there was a pest nothing them. The snails look white. Also I have these white spots on the back glass so I'm assuming their snail eggs? These things in the bucket are flat & round that's in the pic & from the light they appear either gray or brown? I have coral rx & dip my corals, I've dipped the zoas before & it seems to work a little bit but it's back to being closed"¦ Could it be flatworms? I have plenty of pods & know what they look like. But I haven't seen any flatworms crawling on anything. I've had my tank up since around March. Everything else in the tank is fine"¦


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