Zoa pics

mateo lopez

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This is my first post to the Zoa forum. I thought I might share some pics of my collection so far. I don't know the names of my guys, but I'm working on it. I hope you like them...







mateo lopez

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on the 3rd pic down mixed in with the zoa's, there are these anenome looking things, was told that it could be a hybrid of a zoa. Could this be correct???


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those are tulip anenomes, I would nuk them . you can see in your pic they are irratating your zoos. Very nice looking zoos


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those tulip anemones/manjo's can be eaten by peppermint shrimp. I had them in the past used Joes juice, vinager etc to no avail. I now have about 6 or 8 peps in my 180. since I have had these I have not seen an additional manjoe or tulip anemone.


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and whoever told you they were a hybrid, you should punch them right in the teeth and go to a different lfs. tmo.

mateo lopez

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He wasn't sure what they were, he is a friend so no punching, but all the advice is great. I want a "MUCHO REEF" style tank so this is where i'm starting.