Zoa turning brown? or normal?


Not afriad to admit wrong
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OK.. Here are three pictures that are the same... Notice the color difference??

One is from September and the other two from October. (roughly a month difference) I have had major growth lately. Lighting is about the same for a while. Radion pros

I will post my parameters later when I get home. I was going through my pictures and noticed the same set, slightly different angle and noticed the color change day/night.

September in atinic lighting

In atinic this past weekend.

Last weekend in normal lighting

Thoughts or ideas?? Or is there actually anything wrong?

Maybe my atinic lighting is the true coloring that I should be basing it off of.


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Looks like it could be the actinic since the last pic was done in normal light. Can you post a recent pic under actinic?


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They look healthy to me. I do see a slight change in the pics on the zoas on the left of the whammin' watermelons or eagle eyes.
You said the lighting has been the same for awhile, how long?


Not afriad to admit wrong
Team RC
For over 2 months. I had been playing with setting up the radion's and have seen good growth and coloring. I just thought it was strange to see it so brown and so vivant in different lighting.

But I guess I might have jumped to conclusions.

I will let some others chime in too.