Zoas Pack and lps


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Zoas pack wysiwyg -$150
2p - Purple Orchids
5p of Rastas
3p of Red PE
2p of Magicians
1p of Rainbow Raptors
2p Red blue polyps
7p Yellow center green skirt
1p Greens
2p Ever lasting Gobstoppers
2p night crawlers
8p of green center pink and blue skirts

I also have individual frags of these I can sell.

2nd pic brain $45
3rd pic brain $45
4th pic brain $50
5th pic brain $50
6 fungia gold $45
7 fungia gold $35
8 fungia gold $45
9 fungia gold $45
10 Large plate coral $65
11 brain $50

Bundle prices available

Shipping for Florida $24.99. No surcharge for additional items

Any questions please message me.

Thank you


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1st pack sold
gold strip fungia nfs

adding 2 more packs
Frag Pack A WYSIWYG $80
3p Purple Orchids
6p Red People Eaters
1p of Pink/bluez zoa
1p of Chucky Brides
7p Yellow centers green skirts

Frag Pack B $150
5p Purple Orchids
1+1p Everlasting Gobstopper
2p Sunndy Ds
1+1p Candy Apple Pinks
2p Rastas
4p Peach Blues
1p Magicians
1p forgot the name (very nice center and skirt)
7+ Yellow Center green skirts


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