Zoe's toxic to Acro's


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Soft corals can release toxic chemicals that affect other corals. How many zoas is too many is a relative question. Skimming, carbon, and waterchanges can affect the impact.

Although I have no acros I have a montipora getting overgrown by zoanthids. It's an ongoing battle and the outcome is not yet clear.


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Agu,I have no acros at this time,I just heard that if you have a lot
of zoas it can affect acros.But if I do I'll keep the water changes
and carbon in check. Thank You.


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Have you seen Melev's tank? :D I'd say running carbon is your best bt as AGU said. For any softie tank for that matter it's good practice. ;)


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Thanks drummereef Those Pics are awesome.Only in my dreams,
or just in time i will achieve that level!!