Zoomed T-5 bulbs.. Looking for reviews.


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Anyone have any reviews or ratings to give on Zoomed t5 bulbs?
I know that I can order ATI bulbs, but I wouldn't mind helping out the local LFS if there isn't much difference. I have a tank that's pretty deep, prolly around 30 inches deep. It is a mixed softies/LPS tank with 3 anemone's in it. I have 6 bulbs over it currently.
Let me know what you guys think about these bulbs. Thanks.

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Dude most lfs sell crappy zoomed bulbs for the same price as if you here going to order ATI bulbs online. Premium Aquatics has 24" zoomed bulbs For $4.99/each now(6500k/10k) I was looking into getting a few for my freshwater planted tank but never for my reef.


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thanks for the info guys. Where's the cheapest place to buy ATI bulbs. BRS and others sell them for $20/per.
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