Zoos Anyone?


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I was one of the new guys at last weeks' meeting and had a great time meeting everyone and talking shop with other local reefers. I am looking to seed a few rocks in my tank with a couple of different types of zoos so I need some really small frags just to get started. I have a few things I could possibly frag to trade, or would just pay for them. If anyone has anything I would be grateful!!




I have some neon red zoo's that I have been propagating. I can trade a small piece maybe 3 or 4 polyps. maybe at the next meeting.



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Coral farmer, neon red ? that sound great, wan to trade for my neon green zoos ?

Friar tuck, I have a small frag of orange center zoos that you can have. If you are interested, let me know before the next meeting and I'll bring you that piece. also if you like I have tons of green stripped mushrooms too.

I am looking for blue zoos and pink zoos if anyone have them, maybe we can arrange a trade ?