Adding Sand back in Rock Nem Position


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Hello everyone. I took my sand out and love it but wife hates the bare bottom/green starting Corrolaine bottom. So with family coming in for the Holidays I have to put the sand back.

I got my Tropic Edan Reef Flakes, Rinsed the heck out of it and it is not in its 4th day of RODI sitting to leach any phosphates out. It is crystal clear whenever I re-fill it with RODI, did take about 2 hours with a house to get it crystal clear.

So my question is, as I place this new sand onto my bottom cup by cup, I am leaving LR in place so the bottom inch will be buried and will take all livestock I have attached to glass bottom up and place it on rocks. However, I one large 2" wide Rock Nem that is half on LF and half on the glass, just like they always do. I have had him for about 2 months and he is great, neon yellow disc with baby blue tentacles. Anyways, an hour after I placed him in my tank he is in the spot he picked, almost centerpiece spot in 30 gallon. I do not want to move him. However, with putting sand in should I move him/her off the bottom of just slowly place sand in front of him/her and let him/her raise its skirt/disc and place on sand?

Im surely not going throw a bunch of sand on him/her but can I place like a 1/8 inch on his lowest tentacles and let hm climb out of the little bit of sand I add each time, or just take him up and place on the LR.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate any ideas.


Team RC
You should be fine placing the sand all around it, just touching the sides of the anemone (do not bury the anemone) and it will walk up the rock so as to avoid being buried. There is of course a chance that once it starts to walk it may go some distance, but usually they will stay close to where they started out.

PS, a new long neck oil change funnel works great for placing sand.