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Forums for selling and trading of reef related items with other hobbyists and for posting feedback about your transactions. Please include your location in the subject line. Commercial posting is not allowed. To participate in these forums, you must be registered for 90 days and have 50 posts or be a premium member.

Sponsor Forums

Some of our sponsors have chosen to host forums for product questions and technical support. They may also use these forums to offer special discounts to Reef Central members who mention RC when they place their orders. No order inquiries, please.

More Forums

There are many more forums categorized below. Click on a category to view the forums within.
  1. Reef Club Forums
    1. MASNA
    2. International Club Forums
      1. Argentina Reefers Club
      2. Bermuda Marine Aquarium Club (BMAC)
      3. Okinawa Saltwater Gang
      4. REEFFORUM - Portugal (Europe)
    3. MidWest Region-Reef Club Forums
      1. Central Illinois Marine Aquarists (CIMA)
      2. Central Ohio Reef Aquarists (CORA)
      3. Central Wisconsin Reef Club-(CWRC)
      4. Chicagoland Marine Aquarium Society (CMAS)
      5. Cincinnati Marine Aquarium Society
      6. Northern Ohio Reef Keepers
      7. Grand Rapids Marine Aquarium Society (GRMAS)
      8. Greater Iowa Reef Society
      9. Greater Minnesota Reef Society
      10. Indiana - Fort Wayne Marine Aquarists Society (FWM
      11. Northwest Indiana Marine Aquarium Club
      12. Indiana Marine Aquarium Society (INDMAS)
      13. Indiana - Tri-State Reef Club
      14. Joliet Area Reef Club
      15. Kansas City Reef Association
      16. Mahoning Youngstown Saltwater Enthusiast Associati
      17. Marine Aquarium Society of Illinois Valley (MASIV)
      18. Marine Aquarium Society of Michigan (MASM)
      19. Mid-Missouri Saltwater Aquarium Club
      20. Muskingum Valley Reef Club
      21. Nebraska Reef Club
      22. Nebraska Marine Society
      23. Northern Illinois Reef Club
      24. Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society (NIMAS)
      25. Northern Wisconsin Reef Society
      26. Northwest Ohio Reef Association (NORA)
      27. Red River Valley Aquarium Club
      28. Rockford Reefers
      29. Saint Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyists (SLASH)
      30. Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of Springfield
      31. Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of St. Louis (SE
      32. Springfield-Decatur, Illinois Reef Builders (SDIRB
      33. Springfield Illinois Saltwater and Reef Fanatics
      34. Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Societ
      35. Wisconsin - Fox Valley Reefers Club (FVRC)
      36. Wisconsin Reef Society (WRS)
    4. NorthEast Region-Reef Club Forums
      1. Aquarium Reef Keepers of Southwest Connecticut
      2. Boston Reefers Society
      3. Brooklyn Aquarium Society
      4. Capital District Marine Aquarist Society
      5. Capital Reef Aquarists Club
      6. Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society
      7. Greater Connecticut Area Regional Forum
      8. Delaware Reef Club (DRC)
      9. Delaware Valley Reef Club (DVRC)
      10. East Coast Reef Club
      11. Long Island Reef Association (LIRA)
      12. Lycoming County Reef Club
      13. Maine - Salt Water Addicts of Maine (SWAM)
      14. Mason Dixon Reef Club
      15. New Hampshire Reef Club (NHRC)
      16. New Jersey Reefer's Club
      17. North Central Pennsylvania Aquarium Reef Society (
      18. Northern New York Reef Society (NNYRS)
      19. NY Reef Club
      20. 3 Rivers Marine Aquarium Society
      21. Reef Aquarium Society of Charlotte (RASOC)
      22. Reef Ecosystems Education For North Eastern School
      23. Southern Tier Reef Society
      24. Susquehanna Reef Club
      25. Upstate Reef Society
    5. SouthEast Region-Reef Club Forums
      1. Alabama Reef Addicts
      2. Appalachian Reef Society
      3. Aquarium and Coral Reef Organization of Sarasota (
      4. North Carolina Marine Aquarium Society
      5. Carolina Coast Reef Keepers
      6. Chattanooga, TN Reefers
      7. East Tennessee Reef Club
      8. Emerald Coast Reefers
      9. Florida Marine Aquarium Society (FMAS) - Miami/Ft.
      10. Florida Reef Aquarium Group (FRAG)
      11. Jackson Area Reef Club (JARC)
      12. JRAM-Jax Reef and Marine Club
      13. Louisville Marine Aquarium Society
      14. Marion Ocala Reef Enthusiasts (MORE)
      15. Memphis Area Reef Society (MARS)
      16. Middle Tennessee Reef Club (MTRC)
      17. Mid South Reef Society
      18. Mobile Bay Reef Keepers
      19. Mountain State Marine & Reef Society (MSMRS.ORG)
      20. Nashville Area Reefers
      21. North Florida Marine Society
      22. North Tennessee Reef Club
      23. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society (NFMAS)
      24. Northeast Kentucky Reef Association
      25. Northwest Arkansas - "In 2 Deep" Reef Club
      26. Orlando Reef Caretakers Association (ORCA)
      27. Palm Beach Marine Aquarium Society (PBMAS)
      28. Reef Keepers of Myrtle Beach
      29. South Florida Reef/Saltwater Aquaria (SFRA)
      30. Southwest florida marine aquarium society (SWFMAS)
      31. Southwest Virginia Reef Club
      33. Tampa Bay Reef Club
      34. TC.ARK = Treasure Coast Area Reef Keepers
      35. Tennessee Reefers
      36. Treasure Coast- Florida Reef Aquarium Group (TC-FR
      37. Upstate Reefers (Greenville/Spartanburg/ Anderson)
      38. West Tennessee Marine & Reef Aquarium Club
    6. SouthWest Region-Reef Club Forums
      1. AMRC (Alamogordo Marine and Reef Club)
      2. Arizona - Fish & Reef Aquarium Group (FRAG)
      3. Arizona - Northern Arizona Marine Aquarium Society
      4. Arizona-Sierra Vista/Tucson Reef Keepers
      5. Central Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society
      6. Cpod - The Maricopa pod of reefers
      7. Dallas/Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS)
      8. New Mexico Aquarium & Coral Society (NewMACS)
      9. Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society (OMAS)
      10. Southwest Tank And Reef Society (STARS)
      11. The Saltwater Club of Central Texas
    7. West Region-Reef Club Forums
      1. Chico Reef Club
      2. D.A.R.C. - Denver Area Reef Club
      3. Big Country Reef Society (BCRS)
      4. Greater San Francisco Bay Area Reef Forum
      5. Las Vegas Valley Reefers
      6. Marine Aquarists Roundtable of Sacramento (MARS)
      7. Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado
      8. Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County
      9. Monterey County Area Reefers Society
      10. Northern Valley Reefers (NVR)
      11. Puget Sound Aquarium Society (PSAS)
      12. Redding Area Reef Enthusiasts (R.A.R.E)
      13. Ridge Reefers
      14. Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of the Bay Area
      15. San Diego Marine Aquarium Society (SDMAS)
      16. Southern California Reefers
      17. Southern Colorado Marine Aquarist Society (SCMAS)
      18. Spokane Reef Society
      19. Wine Country Reefers
  2. Reefkeeping Online Magazine
    1. "Frag" of the Month
    2. Aaron Sewell
    3. Jake Adams
    4. Terry D. Bartelme
    5. Eric Borneman
    6. Chris Braithwaite
    7. Joe Burger
    8. Anthony Calfo
    9. William Capman, Ph. D.
    10. Mitch Carl
    11. Erik Carrillo
    12. Bill Chamberlain
    13. Allen E Chantelois
    14. Horge Cortes-Jorge Jr.
    15. David A. Crandall, M.D.
    16. Jose Dieck
    17. Randy Holmes-Farley
    18. James W. Fatherree, M. Sc.
    19. Ken Feldman
    20. Jon E. Garner
    21. Mike Greenemeier
    22. Kimberly Hall
    23. Greg Hiller
    24. Simon Huntington
    25. Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D.
    26. Chris Jury
    27. Mike Kirda
    28. Sarah Lardizabal
    29. Marc Levenson
    30. Agu Lukk
    31. Frank Marini, Ph.D.
    32. Rex Niedermeyer
    33. Notes from the Trenches
    34. Brian Plankis
    35. Steven Pro
    36. Dana Riddle
    37. Greg Rothschild
    38. Dwayne Sapp
    39. Henry C Schultz III
    40. Ronald L. Shimek, Ph. D.
    41. Steve Shindell
    42. Hiroyuki Tanaka, MD
    43. Gregory S. Taylor
    44. Andrew Trevor-Jones
    45. Roger Vitko
    46. Mark van der Wal
    47. Paul Whitby
    48. Doug Wojtczak
    49. Tank of the Month
    50. Feedback & Questions
    51. ReefSlide Topic Suggestions
    52. Top Ten Ideas & Tank of the Month Nominations
  3. RC Archives
    1. Coral of the Week Series
    2. Fish of the Week Series
    3. Mollusk of the Week
    4. Reef FAQ's
    5. DIY Archive
    6. So you want to.... Series
    7. Disease Treatment Archive
    8. Nuisance Algae & Other Pests
    9. Creature ID
    10. Lighting
    11. Protein Skimming & Filtration
    12. Coral Care
    13. Fish Care Archive
    14. Other Invertebrate Care
    15. Sand Beds & Refugiums
    16. Water Chemistry
    17. Plumbing
    18. Equipment
    19. Breeding

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