Adjusting LED's question


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I had posted this wthin another thread , but I got no response. Maybe because this was asked before by someone else.
I built a large light fixture with 5 heat sinks and 182 LED's 50/50 white and blues and is hooked up to a Apex Aquacontroller. The lights came from Aquastyleonline. I would like to know at what % are you running your lights to get the best color since a picture cannot substitute for seeing it in person. An example would be running the whites at 90% and the blues at 80%. I would just like some opinions, so I can try it to see if it looks good with my light fixture. This is what it looks like.
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IMO its trial and error until you find what you like. It's been quite a while, but IIRC, my ELNs are running at about .73A now on both colors with the APEX @ 100%. My LEDs are CW and RB Cree XR-Es. I originally built my LEDs for the 120 I had previously. 96 the way I have them arranged isn't enough for my 210 so I added 2x Fiji Pink 80W T5s. The extra red in the spectrum really made things pop.

Hope that helps.